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  1. Zygote, fertilized egg cell that results from the union of a female gamete (egg, or ovum) with a male gamete (sperm). In the embryonic development of humans and other animals, the zygote stage is brief and is followed by cleavage, when the single cell becomes subdivided into smaller cells.
  2. Zygote definition is - a cell formed by the union of two gametes; broadly: the developing individual produced from such a cell.
  3. Brand new EGGSPLODER class, weilding the mighty RPEGG! Yeah, it's a new gun; don't have a heart-attack. Do prepare yourself for the fact that everyone will be using it for a while, though.; Fixed an issue where new games couldn't be created on a server after a while.
  4. Zygote definition, the cell produced by the union of two gametes, before it undergoes cleavage. See more.
  5. For over two decades, Zygote has been providing amazing 3D content to customers in varying industries worldwide. From some of your favorite feature films to award winning broadcast television programs, and from computer games to educational software, Zygote’s content is the beautiful anatomy you see at the theater, on TV and on the computer.
  6. All annotations, pins and visible items will be saved. Zygote Scenes is a collection of scenes created by Zygote Media Group with annotations identifying anatomical landmarks. Hierarchy is a list of all the entities you have in your current scene. You can turn parts on and off using the check marks by each object or group of objects.
  7. A zygote is a single-celled organism resulting from a fertilized egg. The zygote divides to become a ball of cells that eventually implants in the wall of the uterus. This ball of cells, known as a blastocyst, develops into the embryo and placenta. Doctors date pregnancy from .
  8. zygote And they matter, because the capacities that make a newborn more significant than a zygote -- cognition, interaction, viability -- don't materialize overnight.
  9. zygote - (genetics) the diploid cell resulting from the union of a haploid spermatozoon and ovum (including the organism that develops from that cell).

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